Steel tipping semi-trailers

Strong and light

Steel tipping semi-trailers

A great diversity of possibilities adapted to your needs.

  • With straight or curved side.
  • With straight or sloping back.
  • With 2, 3 or 4 axes.
  • With capacities from 9, 12, 14 and 18 m3.
  • Dumper version for quarry and mining.
  • Multiple customization options.
  • Wide variety of accessories


Curved steel swingarm

Model ZSA / ZDC Mixed Swingarm in Steel and chassis in Aluminum.

The anti-wear steel loading box, its curved shape guarantees a fast and dynamic unloading, safety, reliability in unloading.

The ZDC model is manufactured with 4 capacities:

22 m3 / 24 m3 / 26 m3 / 28 m3


    Anti-wear steel HARDOX QUALITY 450 hardness:

    • Tensile strength: 140 Kg. / Mm2.
    • Hardness: 425-475 Brinell.
    • Elastic limit: 120 Kg. / Mm2

    Available thicknesses according to cycles and work to be carried out:

    • Floor with 5-6-8 mm.
    • Sides with 3.2-4-6 mm

    CARGO BOX: made entirely of Steel curved design with 3 sections:

    FLOOR / SOLERA: One piece that rises up to a third of the side welded externally and internally and remaining in front of the side

    SIDES: In their upper part they have a reinforced molding and in their lower part advancing 100 mm above the interior of the base where it is welded and in this way there is no step and any obstacle that prevents the material from depositing in the joint is eliminated .

    REAR: 1-leaf with automatic opening and upper rotation with vertical reinforcement profiles. Automatic mechanical seal by means of cams.

    CYLINDER: front 5 expansions with optional pressure limiting valve or limit switch

    FINISHES: Shot blasting in steel, primed and painted in selected Ral with oven drying.

    EXTRAS: Change to hydraulic rear door; Sliding or arm awning.


    • With 3 Axes; Air suspension; Disc brakes and drum option;
    • 1 axle lift and option 2
    • WABCO integral electronic system, traction aid.
    • Folding rear underrunner with round bar

    Option: ASPHALT KIT

    • Asphalt brake.
    • Automatic rise for work with asphalt paver.
    • Rear diapress protection

    Fixed open box for transporting iron and metal structures

    It is made of Steel.

    With folding sides and removable pillars.

    With option on sides and arches with TIR type canvas

    Reinforced front, double reinforced pillars, sides with open die for sling passage

    ZMB steel swingarm

    Elevation by 1 or 2 internal cylinders with limit switch and control in the cabin.

    Standard production optimizing quality-price

    Applications: sand, rubble, pallets, iron.

    • To mount on trucks with 2,3 and 4 axles.
    • Load bridge.
    • Folding sides.
    • Rear book or 3 positions 

    Fixed open general cargo box

    It is made of Steel and Aluminum.

    With folding sides and removable pillars.

    With option on sides and arches with TIR type canvas.

    Customize it however you want

    You decide how you want your semi-trailer. Configure it as you wish and adapt it to the specific needs of your work.


    Choose between our hydraulic and automatic systems for both the bathtub and the gate

    Doors and gate

    There are many possibilities for the type of gate, as well as the opening system

    Floor and sides

    Whether smooth or angled in breakwater to control fluids both on the ground and on the sides

    Awnings and extras

    Roller-shaped cover canvas with manual sliding. And a whole set of extras.

    Tipper hydraulics

    Elevation by front cylinder and stabilizing scissors. As an option, the cylinder is replaced by hydraulic scissors

    Gate hydraulics

    Hydraulic automated opening and closing system, both for straight and curved dump trucks

    Opening and hinge

    Book gate opening system, automatic side, with double hinge, for asphalt, etc.

    Gate opening

    Book door opening system, lateral, with double hinge, etc.

    Side openings

    System for opening the sides in a fractional or complete way

    Removable dump trucks with extended visor

    Tipper with removable system that can be mounted on tractors and aggregates.

    Extended visor protects the cab

    Sides and floors

    Creation of breakwaters for the transport of fluids.

    Detachable sobrelaterals

    Awnings and tarpaulins

    Manual and automatic sliding


    Drawers, battery covers and retractable ladders finish off the accessories to personalize your dump truck

    And if this were not enough, tell us what special feature you want in your dump truck and we will manufacture it.


    Sure you have many doubts, right?

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