Special vehicles

Quality and efficiency

Any special bodywork you need

Special bodies for any type of vehicle activity Unimog, from Mercedes-Benz, we create it.

Interchangeable semi-trailer systems.

Container ship

Ramps and hatches for any vehicle

We adapt the vehicle to any type of situation.

With cistern and flushing equipment

Equipped with cistern for irrigation and flushing utilities, pressure cleaning, etc.


Removable and interchangeable equipment for winter maintenance and the rest of the year: wedge, blades, etc.

With swingarm

Choice between swingarm backwards and trilateral.

Boxes made of folded sheet or aluminum

With box with tarpaulins, crane and multilift

Adaptation to interchangeable boxes.

Crane and multilift installation

With van

Creation and installation of vans to meet specific needs

With bivial body

Equipment for inspection and maintenance of roads.

Manufactured to configuration and specifications on demand

Interchangeable systems Tipper Dumper

Multipurpose tractor with construction dumper type tipper.

Manufactured for tractor units of the manufacturers Daf, Iveco, Man, Renault, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania…

Interchangeable systems Self-supporting boxes

Bodywork that adapt to a variety of applications.

Tilting, removable and self-supporting interchangeable systems

Tipping tractors, self-supporting with crane and tipper

Hook XR up to 10 Tm

Container ship capacities of 2-3-5-7-8 and 10 Tn for Trucks up to 15 MMA.

They are complemented by our containers for tanks, construction buckets, urban recycling, car carriers, etc.

Hook XR up to 18 Tm

Container ship capacities of 14-16 and 18 Tn for trucks of 18 and 26 MMA.

They are complemented by our containers: Clean point, recycling, construction materials, snow equipment…

Hook XR up to 26 Tm

Container carriers with capacities of 20-21 and 26 Tn for trucks of 26 and 32 MMA.

They are complemented by our containers: scrap metal, construction dumper, watertight, animal waste…

SLT chains up to 19 Tm

Container ship capacities of 4 – 14 and 19 Tm for trucks of 3.5 – 18 and 26 of MMA.

You need a small space for maneuverability.

Hydraulic ramp with fixed box

Folding sides in folded steel or aluminum.

Rear break in chassis facilitating the raising of machinery

Hydraulic ramp with platform

Ramps in measure and capacity according to demand.

Non-slip floor.

Side fasteners

Optionally, winches are mounted on the front.

Double fold hydraulic ramp and aluminum box

Double fold ramps where a more gradual rise is necessary.

Optionally, a crane is mounted behind the cabin.

Large tonnage hydraulic ramp with box

It is manufactured with a fixed box or platform, for 3-axle trucks.

The bodywork is defined based on customer needs.

Tipper with hydraulic ramp

To carry special machines and diversity of applications.

The bodywork is usually closed semi-canvas type.

Aluminum hatches

Capacity up to 1,500 Kgs

Applications: parcels, nurseries, collection of urban belongings, etc.

Steel hatches

Capacity up to 2,500 Kgs

Traps adapted to tarpaulins, semi-curtains and vans bodywork

Commercial vehicle hatches

Delivery vans, mobile workshop, electrical equipment and a long etc.

Folding and retractable hatches

Trap doors adapted to tarpaulins, semi-curtains, vans, etc.

Column hatches

Trap doors for containers, self-supporting and tilting boxes

Customize it however you want

You decide how you want your semi-trailer. Configure it as you wish and adapt it to the specific needs of your work.