About us

This is out mission

We are here to create that semi-trailer or vehicle transformation that you need.

We know the specific materials and uses that are made in each case, and we help you choose the model and configuration that best suits your needs.

And why are you going to trust us?


Because we listen to you ...

  • And we understand your needs. We know your activity well to be able to offer you the most appropriate option, with honesty and professionalism.
  • Because we know how to adapt your peculiarities and those of your business to create a unique product, just for you, that gives you security, confidence and productivity.
  • Because we do not limit ourselves to a single type of raw material, but we work steel, stainless steel and aluminum depending on the needs of your work to offer you what you really need.

Our semi-trailers and vehicle transformations are exclusive and personalized to each client, to each activity.

And also, we are backed by our Quality certifications

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Quality policy

Estamos tan convencidos de nuestra filosofía que te mostramos nuestra Política de Calidad


To be the best manufacturer in the design, development, production and repair of semi-trailers, tippers, fixed boxes and crane assembly; ensuring that its products are the most suitable and the best marketed, as well as offering and ensuring the best after-sales service to its customers, complying with the applicable requirements including legal and regulatory, continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system, preventing those possible deficiencies, shortcomings and anomalies that may arise in the development of daily activities, spreading a culture of Quality at all levels of the Organization; and collecting complaints and suggestions from customers and interested parties, using said information to continuously improve products and services and the management system.

This Quality policy serves as a framework for the establishment of objectives and must also contribute to the development of people’s competencies and the economic results of the company, respecting the environment and safety regulations.

The pillars on which our Quality Policy is based are the following:

  • Customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements,
  • Reduce both internal and external non-conformities, until a progressive reduction of defects is achieved.
  • Active participation of workers in proposals or changes for improvement, both in the manufactured product and the system

Our human team is our strength

We believe in continuous training and high training



Sold units

Professionalization and specialization

We believe in the specialization of each phase of the production process and, for this reason, our structure is organized to give the best of ourselves in each of them:

  • Customer service and commercial department
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Purchases and supplies
  • Engineering and design
  • Technical direction
  • Mechanization
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Painting and finishing
  • Pneumatics and electricity
  • Cranes and accessories
  • QA
  • IT and communications
  • After sales service

And a small sample of our trajectory

A history of work and improvement



The origin

Pedro Martín-Buro Caba, founder of the company, had his beginnings in the family business MARZABÚ



Industrias Zamarbú

Moving to the new facilities, the company Industrias Zamarbú is founded



International expantion

The new production model and increasing capacity was the trigger for constant international expansion



Investments in technology

The implementation of high precision cutting technology was a turning point



Infrastructure expansion

The increase in the production offer through the implementation of new materials and accessories, resulted in the expansion of infrastructures



We continue to grow

The opening to new international markets, as well as constant innovation increases our offer and production

And if you have managed to get here, you are interested in our products

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